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Who we are

The Regional Institute of Evaluation and Accreditation (IRVA) provides access to training and technology that equips Albanian professionals and youth, in Albania and abroad, with skills that allow them to become and remain competitive in the global workforce.

Our Vision

IRVA’s vision is that of endowing Albanian professionals and youth with skills and capacities of the 21st century that will transform them into a competitive workforce in the national and international markets.

Our Mission

IRVA’s mission is to promote innovation in education through E-Learning and the use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in education; to advocate the use of international standards in education; to incentivize evaluation and accreditation of educational providers and professional certifications; and encourage youth engagement in Vocational Education and Training and Adult Education with the purpose of employment, self-employment and social action.

Our Goals

Accreditation of Education

Innovation in Education

Life long learning based on cutting-edge Information and Communication Technology that helps young people acquire basic personal and professional 21st century skills to successfully compete in the global workforce.

Custom training modules and courses that satisfy market demands and empower all people, of whatever social or economic background, to become more mobile and to integrate more fully in society.

Accreditation of Education


Services related to evaluation and accreditation of educational programs and providers, diplomas, professional certifications and licenses using internationally recognized standards.

Performance monitoring and evaluation of employees, organizations, companies and institutions.


Social Action

Promotion of social inclusion and cohesion through Vocational Education and Training and Adult Education.

Partnership with professional and cultural organizations in programs that reinforce young people’s motivation and development.


Information and Communication Technology in Education

Information and Communication Technology in Education

Use of Information and Communication Technology as an integrated part of the education process ensures better access and use of information, greater propensity for independent thinking, and a significant improvement in teaching and learning standards.

IRVA aims to establish and develop a standard of ICT literacy among teachers in vocational and general education with the aim of disseminating the most sophisticated teaching and learning methods.



Teaching and learning through ICT based curriculum helps students acquire transferrable skills for better job market adaptability.

IRVA is the first Albanian institution that endeavors to create and establish a market for E-Learning and online training through its online platforms. It focuses on the development of innovative training modules that bring the educational experience closer to 21st century realities.

Continuing Education

Continuing Education

Advanced Technology literacy, innovative solutions and practices are key to competitiveness in a globalized and computerized job market. Professional development and lifelong learning have become essential premises for sustainable economic growth and societal progress.

IRVA’s goal is that of offering training modules that will equip young professionals with skills and capacities to succeed in the rapidly changing world of work. Our focus will be on stimulating innovation, creativity, initiative and entrepreneurship.

IRVA’s continuing education will target the development of skills required by businesses and public institutions alike, which allow for greater competitiveness, career and professional development.



IRVA’s accreditation services have a three-fold purpose:

Advocating international quality standards for educational programs and educational providers, providing assistance in meeting international accreditation and credential evaluation for diplomas and professional certifications, and offering career counseling for students through information about internationally recognized designations and licenses.

IRVA’s accreditation services target both private and public educational providers. For public sector the services include: professional education accreditation for teachers and school management; institutional accreditation of professional and higher public schools.

For private sector the services include: accreditation of pre-university general and vocational education training programs and providers; institutional accreditation of higher private educational providers.

Performance Monitoring and Evaluation

Performance Monitoring and Evaluation

IRVA’s performance monitoring and evaluating services include:

Monitoring progress and evaluating the effectiveness of the public and private educational institutions by using a set of concrete indicators with the aim of improving their performance;

Collection of information about societal problems/ needs and educational and employment trends to adapt IRVA’s services and activity to market challenges;

Introduction of Monitoring and Evaluation Framework for project performances and Annual Reports on the activity of private institutions and NGO’s, as key indicators for well-functioning project design and ensuring performance based results.

Vocational Education and Training

Vocational Education and Training

Vocational Education and Training aims to equip students with skills and key competencies for employment in specific occupations. It focuses on apprenticeship and trades as a way of responding to today’s fast-changing and ever more demanding job market, both short term and long term.

IRVA’s VET services are innovative because they combine Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition of an individual’s knowledge and skills regardless of their educational background.

IRVA’s custom-designed courses also train individuals as technicians in specific occupations and trades.

Adult Education

Adult Education

Adult Education includes a framework of lifelong learning based on a curriculum developed to increase employment prospects for older generations. It instills skills and key competencies through custom-made courses and tests for vocational rehabilitation and second career opportunities.

IRVA’s courses cover: Albanian language for the Albanian diaspora, fluency in foreign languages, mathematical competency, basic competence in science and technology, digital knowledge, civic education and entrepreneurial skills.

IRVA aims to promote participation in social action and improve the quality of life in communities by raising awareness of and promoting inter-generational learning, family learning, social inclusion and gender equality.

Youth Empowerment Programs

Youth Empowerment Programs

The link between education curriculum, businesses and job market needs is reinforced through strategic alliances with the business community and professional training that suits the needs of the latter. Co-op programs, placements and internships for school-attending students foster the exchange of knowledge and innovation between business and academia.

IRVA’s goal is to facilitate interactive networks as a bridge between youth, private and public institutions with the added value of increasing awareness and motivation of young people about lifelong learning.

Research and Surveys


IRVA offers: expertise in conducting surveys, comparative international studies, macro and micro research analysis for issues related to governance and public policy, with focus on educational policies and projects for regional and international co-operation. Studies are published by IRVA Press.

Areas of Research

Standards of Evaluation and Accreditation

Development of Education Systems

Design of Educational Policies

Governance and Institutions

Comparative Politics and Public Policies

Teaching and Learning for the 21st Century

Human Resource Development

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